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Surprise and delight your guests with a custom cake that tells your event's unique story.

Creating Cakes That Tell Your Events Unique StorY




“Victoria was amazing in helping us build our dream cake!! She was very responsive from the beginning, and listened to all the ideas we had planned for our wedding. Since our theme was very Japanese to honor my culture, she came up with this brilliant cake that used both a piece of design from the Kimono I was wearing as well as the cherry blossoms that were a central part of the wedding decorations, which together was a stroke of genius! They were able to accommodate a virtual tasting since we were across the country for most of the planning process. In addition, they provided multiple flavors as well as gluten-free and vegan options that matched the flavor of the original cake! The actual wedding day went incredibly smoothly with easy drop-off and worked perfectly with our wedding planner and other vendors! Couldn’t recommend highly enough and the picture speaks a thousand words!" - CHRIS & JOHN

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Take a moment to fill out our contact form today and set up a call with the Vici Design team about your event. Let's make sure we are the right team to bring your event's unique cake story to life. 

Custom Cake Design Sketch Inspired by Van Gogh's "Autumn Landscape" in deep green and golden orange hues
3-Tier Custom Celebration Cake Design Inspired by Van Gogh's "Autumn Landscape" in Deep Green and Rich orange hues.
Custom Cake Design Sketch Inspired by Monet's "Women in the Garden" painting, focusing on the shadows and white blooms.
4-Tier Custom Wedding Cake Inspired by Monet's "Women in the Garden" taking inspiration from the white blooms and shadows.



Once you've officially decided to work with Vici Design. Let us take the stress off of your shoulders. Our team will create a custom design unique to your event from all of the design inspiration you provided. All you need to worry about is what delicious cake flavor you want.



Celebrate and enjoy the event of your dreams, knowing your cake is in safe hands as our trained team delivers it to your venue. All you have to do is enjoy it!

Custom Cake Design Sketch Inspired by Van Gogh's "Vase with Red and White Carnations on Yellow Canvas"
3-Tier Custom Cake Inspired by Van Gogh's "Vase with Red and White Carnations on Yellow Canvas" Custom Celebration Design.


 Your Story

At Vici Design we know that you want to create an unforgettable event. In order to do that, you need every detail to be perfect. 

The problem is there are so many choices out there! Leaving you overwhelmed and stressed. We believe your cake planning process should not only be delicious, but easy and exciting. 

We understand that your cake is a centerpiece for your event and one of the last memories guests have of the day which is why we want it to be an unforgettable moment for you and your guests. 

At Vici Design we create cakes that tell your events unique story.

Let's Start Bringing Your Cake



Please take a moment to fill out our contact form. Our team will reach out to set up a call. 

We are so excited to start bringing a cake to life that tells your event's unique story. 

  • What does the creative process look like?
    Initiating the Journey: Our creative journey commences during our initial call, where we lay the groundwork for your design dreams. Consultation and Vision Sharing: The consultation is the core of our creative exploration. Here, we unveil initial design concepts, refining and expanding upon them with your valuable input along with your planners. Vision boards are crafted, narrowing down the possibilities. Design Creation and Client Review: This stage is where your design takes shape, drawing from the details gathered during the initial call and consultation. We bring your vision to life and present the design for your review. Fine-Tuning and Flavor Finalization: Your feedback is pivotal as we fine-tune the design and flavors, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your vision. Clients also have the option to add a tasting box to experience our delectable cake flavors, further enhancing the experience. One-Month Pre-Event Meeting: As the event approaches, we schedule a meeting with your planner or yourselves, covering vital details such as guest count, delivery time, location logistics, and entrance arrangements to ensure everything is in place for the big day. Creation Phase: This is when the Vici team leaps into action, meticulously crafting your unique design with passion, precision, and creativity. Delivery and Celebration: The moment has arrived! We deliver your confectionary masterpiece to the designated location, celebrating the culmination of our creative journey. Have more questions? Set up a call with Vici Design today!
  • How much do cakes and confectionary pieces cost?
    Our cakes and confectionary pieces are meticulously designed to bring your unique vision to life. Due to the personalized nature of our work and the dedication we put into each confectionary masterpiece, there are no set prices on our cakes. Our pricing starts at $12 per guest and design pricing is added to this base costing depending on finalized design. To secure your date and begin the creative journey, we require an initial deposit of 30% of your initial quote. This initial quote will be provided after the initial consultation call. It's important to note that we dedicate ourselves to only one client per event date, allowing us to focus exclusively on making your vision a reality. If you are looking for a smaller celebration cake (under 100 guests) please contact us! We would love to help with your event. We may be able to accommodate your celebration if the date is not yet booked for an event. Have more questions? Set up a call or email our team at Vici Design today!
  • How early should I inquire?
    It's never too early to inquire about your event! While we welcome inquiries at any stage, we generally recommend reaching out 1 year to 6 months before your event date. This early planning allows for a seamless and unhurried creative process. To ensure we can fully accommodate your needs, we suggest reaching out once your planner, date, venue, and floral theme are confirmed. Looking for a last minute cake? Set up a call and let's see if Vici Design can help bring it to life!
  • Do you have gluten-free cakes?
    We offer a delightful selection of gluten-friendly cakes to cater to dietary preferences. While we take all necessary precautions to prevent cross-contamination, it's important to note that our products are crafted in an environment that may contain gluten. We prioritize safety and the quality of our gluten-friendly options, even though we are not a certified gluten-free facility. Have more questions? Set up a call with Vici Design today!
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